Outpatient Appointment.

I kind of forgot I had this blog & my appointment was last Thursday, yeah a bit behind on updating.

Yes sitting in the waiting room had me near passing out with anxiety but I got through it & I know it’s an important thing I have to do. So here’s what went down.

The appointment itself went really well, my specialist was getting watched by another doctor so the room was a little busier than normal. He’s really happy with the way things are with me, my blood count came back great so he wants me off the iron tablets (one less damn pill to take!!!). And to my relief I don’t need camera work done, hurrah! Apparently you need camera work after a year of being diagnosed to make sure all the inflammation has died down but that week the hospital has started doing a new test for testing for inflammation & it’s a simple stool sample, that’s it. I was so relieved. Imagine if my appointment had been a week before! I’d would’ve had to have an endoscope done. I got my NHS letter in yesterday just going over what was said in the appointment, plus it said if the faecal test comes back >250 I’ll need camera work done but if not then I don’t need to see him until a years time. I’m now going to have to suffer anxiety all over again waiting for my test results to come. I mean I feel fine but who’s to say my colon feels the same way?

Anyway I had a fun task of collecting a sample, taking it with me to the receptionist at my GP & trying to hide it the best I can. Couldn’t have been put in an envelope? It’s a clear bottle with a sheet of paper saying what the test is & where it has to go. Ugh, you’ve no dignity with this disease, let me tell you!

Even though I have terrible anxiety, every time I leave my appointment I feel more optimistic, I think hearing him say that I’m doing great just puts me at ease. The people at Great Western Hospital in Swindon are the nicest folks there, they really do a grand job.



Anxiety and IBD

I have an appointment this Thursday for a check up but for the past week I’ve had severe anxiety over it. It’s literally a review to see how I am doing but the thought of going always makes me sick to my stomach (this will be my third visit as an out-patient, my other 2 times I was terrified then too, I also had a third visit which was my CT scan but even then I was in and out in five minutes but I was still scared as hell).

Hospitals scare me, they are depressing and scary. I was there for 10 days and it is something I am absolutely terrified of repeating, so going for a check-up just reminds me of the long stay I had there. It’s absolute fear. My anxiety is destroying my body. It’s awful. If I stay in good health I’ll probably need to be reviewed every 6months to a year, I don’t think I can go through this much anxiety every year.

Does anyone have any tips, like should I tell my specialist when I see him? Like ‘yo doc, these hospital trips scare the beejesus out of me, help maybe?’ It’s not only that but we’re a good 40 minutes from the hospital and because it’s the NHS it’s always running way behind so I sit in the waiting room for what will be an hour gnawing at my nails until there’s nothing left.

Anxiety is a bitch.