First blog post

Hi, my name’s Kelsie … I use KelsieTheCactus as the domain name because I do love cacti. But that’s not important. What is important is why I am starting this blog. I have used WordPress before, back when I used to review films but I lost my passion for it. However I’m back at it again with a new vigour. It’s all to do with my recent diagnoses of IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). I am a firm believer in the power of writing, you can get your thoughts & feeling out of your head making you feel better & lighter. Hell I might even connect with a few sufferers.

My first post will be an introduction then I’ll move on from there.

So, last year (actually it’s almost EXACTLY a year) I got a little sick, & by little I mean a lot. February was the time I noticed some changes then in April after a 10 day stay in hospital I was diagnosed with IBD (to this day they don’t know what kind, my specialist told me I’m in the 15% of people with IBD who don’t know specifically if it’s Crohn’s disease or colitis … OOOOOOOOF course I’d be in the 15%). I have been in good health since then & hope to continue so. I’ll make a far more in-depth post about that later on, just now this is just a lil’ intro about what I got & now moving on to who I is.

As I already stated, I’m Kelsie. I’m originally from Aberdeen in Scotland, stayed there until I was 21, then bad things happened with parents, I moved to Chepstow (Wales) with my mum & her new husband, then we moved to a place just outside of Devizes (England) & NOW I’m in a place called Chippenham (England). I hope to stay where I am, but ideally I’d love to move to Bath. It’s a gorgeous place that I’ve visited a few times & it instantly felt like home for me. With moving around a lot I’m currently unemployed which sucks a lot, I’m optimistic that I’ll get a job in Bath this year. Well that’s that with my life. A bit busy with moving around but I go with the flow. I’m quite an active person; I go jogging 2 or 3 times a week & six days a week I do an Anna Victoria workout (it’s hard, I look forward to Sundays as it’s the only day I don’t workout). But don’t let that fool you that I’m some fitness freak, I’m a lazy ass. I try to eat healthily but if there’s pizza or macaroni cheese on the menu then yeah, I’ll be eating that (I’m also a vegetarian, been one since fresh out the womb – I could have put that better, eh). For fun (funnily enough, I don’t consider working out a fun hobby) I read, a lot … a lot a lot. I love movies & TV shows, I’m addicted to Twitter, Tumblr & Instagram. I love animals, I love nature, I love going walks & I love window shopping (I’d say normal shopping but you need money for that so window it is).

That’s me in a nutshell. Nothing extravagant, just lil’ ol’ 26 year old me (almost 27, ugh no). I hope to use this blog for good rather than evil, but if I can take over the world with this blog then so be it. I hope to reach out to fellow IBD-ers, spread awareness, make people more aware of this so-called rare disease (I’ll go into facts in another post) & help find a cure … not me personally, I failed science in school. In this blog you will find sarcasm & spelling mistakes, I make look flawless & perfect but that doesn’t mean my writing skills are.






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